Vision And Ethics

The company believes in its vision of "Delivering Health & Welfare"; with its deep understanding of the Bio-fuel& edible oil as potential product. The company will reach out to millions of Indian consumers for delivering safe, secure and healthy cooking medium to Indian homes - ensuring good health, mental & physical prosperity for the whole family. PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD is relentlessly focusing on quality & purity of a.diesel and Hygiene & freshness of edible oil. In near future it will reach the consumer's home in every nook & corner of the country.


PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD have a strong family of nearby 100+ employees. With the company registering explosive growth, opportunity for fresh and experienced talent is immense with Indian and overseas opportunities and we supposed to reached 100k+ employees in company five years, spread over its refineries, manufacturing plants, corporate offices, regional offices, and warehouses in India. We also introduced mobile fuel van to cover each and every consumer of India. We will provide economical, quality assurance, stunning services to our each and every consumer regarding our product range at the drop of a hat. A strong leadership team comprising of the founders and senior industry professionals have laid a robust strategy and execution deliverables for the company, thus "Delivering Health & welfare" not only to consumers but every other stakeholders - employees, shareholders & investors, vendors & partners and society as a whole. As one of India's developing company in Bio-Fuel & Edible oil sector. We as a company, has deep understanding of agro-commodity and farmer community issues. Today, PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD is part of the Indian growth story - using the country's inherent strength in agricultural resources and best managerial talent to serve millions of consumers in India and abroad. Creating an Indian MNC with international footprint of knowledge, leadership, innovation, designs, technologies and value for its stakeholders and consumers across the globe!

Work process

vice president Speak


As a vice president of PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD has a genuine role to play beyond creating valueable bond to the government and our partners which supports our entire society and the national economy as well. By the international standards we always gives a model example of how to run operations safely and effectively. Utilizing the appropriate technologies is always our approach to enhance bio-diesel production and optimize cost so as to maximize value.

One of the prime role of PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD is management, hiring local manpower, developing their professionalism and enhancing their standard of living. within this context, PVA INDUSTRIES has spent considerable portions of its budget on training our human resources so as to operate the facilities efficiently and give them the opportunities to train the following generation to deliver in the same manner and with the same level of commitment. The social facet is always present in our plans. We believe in our social responsibility towards the local communities in the environs of our facilities. Our provision of social services to these communities will let them feel the magnitude of our operations and hence a certain level of understanding, friendly neighborhood and trust will be created between communities and us.

And pleasantly, I take this opportunity to acknowledge to continuous support that we usually receive from our friendly consumer to facilitate our operations. Lets look forward to a brighter future and work jointly to achieve our vision of being as a premium bio-diesel operating company.

Director Speak


"Those who see action in inaction and inaction in action are truly wise amongst humans. Although performing all kinds of actions, they are yogis and masters of all their actions." We accomplish our company PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD with conception of forward-looking industry that delivering Quality Product and Services. We will wake trust building brand through permutative ideas, implementation and sustainable technologies. We are heartily thankful to our Indian government for fabricating policies on Bio-Diesel and Food-Processing industries. We as a merely developing industries, we also have initiation for securing health of people, environment and social responsibility. I am thankful to employees, co-operator and all well-wisher, who have contributed to growth of the organization. Thank you!"


"PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD was created with the idea of identifying opportunities for sustainable fuel development. The model was built on the core idea that any sustainable development would have to be 100% independent of alternate activities, such as those that have been leading to increased deforestation. In the same vein, the PVA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD's model was created to be perform without contributing to water or environment harm. We believe in working for the benefits of the society at large. Before setting up the Bio Fuel-A. Diesel plant we kept that in mind and tried to give back the society in larger amount what it has given to us in the making of our dream come true."