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pv.Adani Juggler Hawk Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a developing integrated Bio-Diesel & Edible Oil company. We are entrenched with constant research of 5 years about commercial, industrial, automated, publically use of Bio-Fuels & Edible Oils. It will be a great honor for us to introduce our product, the Bio-Fuel (B-100) and Edible Oil (Edible-Nut).

pv.Adani Juggler Hawk Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian developing company with international footprint and global ambitions, innovation, technologies in the Bio-Fuels &edible oil market of India. The company in the recent past has successfully undertaken the growth strategy of capacity expansion, green field projects and acquisitions, thus creating an unchallenged competitive advantage. With secured raw material supply source, 'near to customer' sales points and a robust distribution and dealer network.

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PM Modi Speech on world biofuel day

Ladies and gentlemen from different sections of the society who have gathered here; friends,

The month of August brings purity and an environment of resolutions. This month is for commemorating revolution and the freedom fighters who had laid down their lives for the country. This month marks the celebration of not only Independence Day but also other festivals that enrich our social and cultural lives. My best wishes to you all for the upcoming festivals.

Protection of environment occupies a very high place in our traditions, culture and festivals. Today's programme is also associated with environment and modern traditions. My best wishes to you all on World Biofuel Day.

The government has been making relentless efforts to improve the standard of living of the 125 crore Indians and formulating innumerable schemes for this. Strengthening the rural economy, doubling the farmers' income, providing alternatives to petrol, diesel and gas and making the environment safe are some of the priorities of the government. Biofuel will play a crucial role in accomplishing these goals. Biofuel has the power to create a balance between our environment and economic development.

Biofuel is not just science but also a Mantra that will provide a new energy to not only India but also the entire world. Biofuel means the fuel that is produced from crops, crop-residue and garbage and left-overs. It is going to transform and improve the quality of life of the people in both rural and urban areas. An old saying was reinforced in the film that was shown today -'AamkeaamaurguthalikeDaam' that means double utilization or complete utilization of a thing.

It's a very old saying. It is a modern application in a way. More and more use of biofuels will help increase the incomes of the farmers, open up new opportunity of employment, will save the country's wealth and will also prove to be a boon for the environment.

It is a part of our grand vision according to which our path to cleanliness, health and empowerment of the villages and poor farmers will be strengthened. Besides, it is also associated with our modern model of Urban Development. Biofuel among the plethora of green initiatives will immensely help in reducing the air pollution in cities.

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